Need a Reno Probate Attorney Right Away?

Need a Reno Probate Attorney Right Away?

A Reno Probate Attorney Provides Peace of Mind

There are a variable plethora or reasons why you should contact a Reno probate lawyer to handle the legal and financial affairs of a recently deceased family member. Although you may believe that you understand the paperwork involved, a “probate” is a legal document. The details of this document and the subsequent actions that may need to be taken, may end up in the court system. This is why all probate documents should be read by a Probate attorney Reno and Nevada Bar Association members recognize as one of their own.

A Probate lawyer Reno courts trust is one that has experience with probate documents and the legal process that occurs when someone has passed on in the State of Nevada. These attorneys understand how best to administer the estate of the deceased and how this person’s property may have to be divided up amongst relatives as per the instructions in their will.

A probate or “surrogate” court may have to decide if this will is indeed valid and was made by the deceased while they were alive. While this may not seem like a timely process, there may be others that claim to have a will signed by the deceased. Whether a person has been included in a will can also come up for debate and contention.

Once the court has ruled in favor of the will as dictated by the deceased, it will be the job of the “Executor of the Will” to distribute the funds and property as intended. The executor is usually named in the will itself. If not, an attorney can draw up papers so that the court appoints an individual as the “Executor.” The will that has been probated by the court is now a legal document that can legally be enforced. If necessary a dispute that arises from this will as to its validity or clauses, the Executor can now ask the court to intervene.

While this sounds simple, it is far from fool-proof. This is why having an attorney or legal team that bases their expertise in Probate legal matters is going to make a difference. Legal documents and requests of the court must be filed on a timely basis. If there are law suits against the will or the estate of the deceased, this must be dealt with immediately. Unbeknown to close family members, there may be other individuals listed in the will. These people will have to be notified properly.

The deceased may also have had one or more lawsuits that were pending during their lifetime. The money that they have intended to leave to their loved ones, may have to compete with liens that were placed against the estate and never settled. Each of these circumstances requires additional legal paperwork and motions that may have to filed with the court system.

Should there be a great deal of financial debt left by the deceased, it may be necessary for their real estate or luxury items to be sold off to correct outstanding debts. This may have to occur prior to the property and objects in the will being distributed to family. When the deceased has a tax debt with the state or federal government, this will be something that an attorney will be asked to decipher as well.